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Idk what I've done to deserve ad targeting like this, but it's a synthesizer that looks like an old school telephone switchboard!

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The gender today is the smell of rain and sound of a bonfire.

nlp-library lists a bunch of natural language resources. Field-shifting articles and data sets are labeled.

Finished reading Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown a few days ago. Thought prompts and techniques on building communities and futures inspired by Octavia Butler, Grace Lee Boggs, and other visionaries.

Been using iOS Speak Screen to listen to books lately, it’s the best. I get motion sick trying to read on the bus, so this helps a lot.

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allow yourself to become entangled with things.

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Ramen in miso broth with menma, sprinkled with chili oil. Served with edamame tossed in sea salt.

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Listened to Dar Williams play at the Neptune tonight and now am filled with acoustic resonance and writing ideas.

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