On taking in rescue seagulls, people watching, beach combing, and forest wandering.

Woven coasters with work by Susan Kare, who designed many of the original Apple Macintosh icons and typefaces. 🎨🖥

Love how Mary Oliver shows different uses of trochees to create drum patterns and to invert iambs for a preternatural, witchy sound. From Rules for the Dance.

I haven’t thought about red dirt in a long time. And how it stains everything, like this metal fence. Streaks of it on my sneakers or the tops of my feet if I’m wearing slippers.

Idk what I've done to deserve ad targeting like this, but it's a synthesizer that looks like an old school telephone switchboard!

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Finished reading Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown a few days ago. Thought prompts and techniques on building communities and futures inspired by Octavia Butler, Grace Lee Boggs, and other visionaries.


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